This digital story was created in Animoto, following the Slide2Learn conference in Shepparton in July 2010. I made it as an example to show students, so they can understand and value the powerful mobile device and how it is made. I want them to think about the way they spend their money and the impact they have on the environment. Much of the information came from the Apple site itself – their Environmental report for the iPod Touch details the materials from which it is made. More about how to create a digital story at Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

Tony Vincent, one of the keynote speakers at the conference, is a great resource, with very practical information about using mobile devices in schools on his website - Learning in Hand.

Andrew Churches, from Auckland New Zealand, also has some excellent resources about using digital technology to enhance learning using Bloom's Digital Taxonomy . He outlines the different taxonomic levels, describes the digital taxonomy verbs (blogging, tweeting etc) and gives some examples of classroom uses.

Ollie Bray, a mobile technology expert from Scotland, writes about new technology and outdoor learning, believing that technology should never replace outdoor experiences but enhance them. He has written an excellent 'how to' manual called Do Be -Teach it.

New movie about education in UK called "We Are The People We Have Been Waiting For".

This wiki, Touchdown, from Apple Distinguished Educators, has more great resources about implementing Touch technology in schools, especially Instructional Uses for Grades 6-12.

Megan Iemma's Top 22 iPod Touch tips is a beginner's guide to using touch technology at school.

EduDemic has reviewed 100 Hard-To-Find iPhoto Apps for School

Lists of Apps for Science
From iPhone/iPod touch Apps for K-12 - Science Apps

Lists of Apps for Maths
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