General Physics

The Exploratorium -
Physics 4 Kids -


Force and Motion from the Full Option Science System -
Engineering Interact Animation that shows gravity, friction, compression, stretching and magnetic forces in a fun way, at 'Parkworld', an amusement park.

Simple machines

Take digital photos (or find CC images on the web) of the following six simple machines:
  1. inclined plane
  2. wedge
  3. lever
  4. screw
  5. pulley
  6. wheel-and-axle
Upload your photos onto Voicethread and describe how each of them works to make a job easier.
Inventors Toolbox - The elements of machines (phots and descriptions) -
Gadget Anatomy - a short quiz about the simple machines that make up more complex machines -
A worksheet - "If Simple machines were not around...?"
Simple machines game from the Museum of Science and Industry -


Energy Quest - Science projects about energy -

Electrical Circuits

Flash animation to create circuits -


Optical Illusions -


This video shows students from Mrs Laguna's crushing cans without any force on their part - what causes the cans to collapse?