Find some more pictures of invertebrates at

Student Activities - Introduction to Biology

Activity 1
Take the Fossweb "Diversity of Life" challenge - upload your digital photos of seeds, leaves, flowers or 'critters' to the site -

Activity 2
Characteristics of Life - from Gerald Ardito in New York at

Activity 3
Create your own video documentary in the style of one of the following famous naturalists:
David Attenborough
Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter
Charles Darwin, "Father of Evolution"
Make sure you include all the structual, functional and behavioural characterisitics which make your chosen species unique.

Activity 4
Write an essay - "If I was an animal I would be a................." . Explain all the characteristics you have in common with that animal and all that is different. David Attenborough, for example, claims he would be a three-toed sloth, because they are incredibly lazy, slow-moving and sleep a lot!

Activity 5 - See student work here
Research an Australian Threatened Species (from the DSE list of Threatened Species Fact Sheets) and use the following student task sheet, assessment rubric and research grid to assist you.
Victorian threatened species list -

Student task sheet for "Threatened Animal" project, including assessment rubric.
Research Table for Animal Porject.

Information about Australian threayened species
David Attenborough web site:
David Attenborough clip - The Australian Lyrebird.
David Attenborough's Life Photo Competition - Finalists on Flickr

Alternatively, you may like to present your research as a report back to England in the style of Charles Darwin - the famous biologist who first wrote about the theory of evolution in his book "Origin of Species" about 150 years ago. He was the first scientist to visit Australia and describe some of it's unique animals, such as the kangaroo and platypus, to the English , who hardly believed such creatures existed! More about Charles Darwin at the BBCsite and at Zephyrus:

Student task sheet for "Plants in the Vegetable Garden" project.
The following are links to various Animal Cameras - showing animal behaviour in real time:
Sea Otter
Panda Cams

Peregrine Falcon Cams\\

Bald Eagle Cams

Elephant Cam

General Biology

Biology 4 kids -
World records in the Animal Kingdom -
Biology games and quizzes:
National Geographic - Fun Activities fro kids including cartoons, recipes and crafts -
Fossweb - Full Option Science System for Inquiry-based learning -

Our Voicethread - "Is it Living or non-Living?"

Human Body - Living Connections

National Geographic - Incredible Human Machine interactive
Visible Body -
Digestive System animation -
Interactive Autopsy- (Not for the squeamish! - details about what happens during an autopsy).
The Brain from Top to Bottom -
Heart animation -


Biology 4 Kids - Cells -
Cells Alive - an interactive web site
Virtual microscope - red blood cell smear -
Close up of blood cells -
Cell Biology clip (You Tube) -
3D Cell Explorer animations of cell processes.
The Virtual Electron Microscope - a lesson plan from Discovery Education.


ARKive - Images of life on earth -


Biology 4 Kids - Plants -
Simple experiments to learn abiout plants -


Plants or Animals? -
Dichotomous Keys -
Animal Corner -
Planet Science - Classification activities and masks fo the five kingdoms
Spineless Wonders - totla resource for insects spiders and other non-vertebrates:

Adaptations of Living Organisms

Parts of the Light Microscope