Earth Science

Practical Experiments:
The Crayon Rock Cycle -
The Sugar Cube Rock Cycle -
Modelling the Rock Cycle -
Different minerals -

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Local links (No internet access required when at school):
Shaping the Land:
Shaping the land: geological forces:
Shaping the land: model land forms:
Shaping the land: real landscapes:
Tectonic boundaries:
Tectonic boundaries: Challenge:
Tectonic boundaries: Convergent :
Tectonics Investigator:
Down to earth: Rock back in time:
Exploring earth’s structure: Earth probe:

Internet Access required:
Take our Rock Cycle Quiz at:
Game Zone (Geology games and quizzes) -
Interactive Timeline of the Histroay of the earth at:
Forces of Nature (Tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes) interactive site to build your own volcano.
Volcano Explorer - Explore a virtual volcano.
Geology videos (including volcanoes, earthquakes and mapping the sea floor)
National Geographic -
Our Dynamic Earth -
Weathering and Erosion -
Prehistoric timeline -
Earth Quiz from National Geographic -
Geography 4 Kids -
Ever wondered what wiped out the Dinosaurs?
Blog about Volcanoes - weekly updates about volcanoes around the world from a geologist -
Earth Science from the Full Option Science System (Inquiry-based learning) -
Visualise the geological time scale using a toilet roll -
Our ancient megafauna -

Ask a Rock Expert!

Everything you wanted to know about the Moon! Dynamic Earth Interactives.
**Structure of the Earth** **How Volcanoes Work** **National Geographic - Forces of nature.**


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Cosmos for Kids -
Space from the Full Option Science System -
Exploring the planets from NASA -