Please add your best resources to this list:

General Resources

Renewable Energy Resources – a list of links to many great resources compiled by Jackie Miers
Sustainable Energy Queensland – fact sheets, student activities and teacher resources.
Origin Energy – Click 2 Teach - Renewable energy resources
Energy Australia – Renewable energy resources
World of Energy fact sheets


"Growing biofuel without razing the rainforest" - a New Scientist article
My delicious links about biodiesel at
ActewAGL Biomass Energy resources
Australian Academy of Science NOVA Biomass - list of useful sites
Sustainable Energy Queensland


Geothermal Education Office
Office of Geothermal Technologies (USA)
Geoscience Australia
Science Online (UK)
Geothermal from Sustainability Victoria


Science Online – Hydroelectric
Snowy River Hydroelectric Project
How do Hydroelectric Power Plants work?


ActewAGL Solar Energy
Understanding Solar Energy
Jackgreen Energy – Solar Energy resources
Science Online – Solar Energy



Introduction to wind energy from NOVA Australian Academy of Science
ActewAGL Wind Energy education
Australian Wind Energy Association
Australian wind energy projects – maps and statistics.


Science Online