DEECD Resources:

You can find the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and Progression Points for Maths here:
Common Misunderstandings - Level 4: Partitioning (Fractions, decimals and percentages):
Common Misunderstandings - Level 5: Proportional Reasoning (Ratio and Percentages):

UK Resources: (KS1 = Prep to Year 2; KS2 = Year 3 to 5; KS3 = Year 6 to 8 and KS4 = Year 9 and 10)
Birmingham Grid for Learning - Whiteboards Primary for Foundation, Primary and Secondary -,index
Interactive Whiteboard Resources -
Excellent Searchable Resources from the UK Department of Children, School and Families -
National centre for Excellence in Teaching mathematics (UK):
Primary Resources - Links to Powerpoints, pdf files, word documents and other resources from UK teachers:
Crickweb for KS2 (primary) - maths interactives and resources for IWB's -
IWB resources

Other Resources:
Fun quiz game scorers (4 teams):
Fun quiz game scoreres (2 team):
Online Resources - editable worksheets -
Sixth Grade Maths Skills from IXL -
Math Playground (Assorted Games including estimating angles, balloon invaders and toy shopping) -
Teaching and Learning About Decimals (from University of Melbourne) -
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives -
Gamequarium -
Teaching Maths to Digital Natives -
NAPLAN home page: (copies of past National Assesment of Performance in Literacy and Numeracy tests)
Free mathematics site for students, parents and teachers (sponsored by MacDonalds)
Test preparation from Houghton Mifflin Maths -
Social networking for mathematicians at
Resources for Interactive Whiteboards:
Black Douglas - Tip of the Iceberg Problems:
Rich activities for teaching mathematics:
Free downloads, links and printables from Special Education Ntework:
Extensive list of links to teachers resources for worksheets, rubrics and graphic organisers: