Space includes 2D and 3D shapes, co-ordinates on the cartesian plane and transformations (reflections, dilations, translations and rotations).
2D and 3D Shapes
Polygon shape sorter -
Sort polygons into regular, irregular and quadrilateral table -
Sorting 2D shapes -
Rainforest Maths (Geometry - 2D shapes) -
Free printables - Nets of 3D models to construct -
Try to recognise the three dimensional shapes half-buried in sand in this game: (download)
Use a dichotomous key to identify 2D shapes -
Geometry interactives -
Isometric paper:
Isometric Drawing:
Isometric Shape Exploder:
Visualising problems:
Here is a site to create 3D models using Google SketchUp - a free software program.
3D Drawing and geometry
Bitesize geometry: 2D representations of 3D shapes
Links to geometry games.
Name the shape.
BBC Bathroom Tiles -
Jigsaw Puzzle (size and shape) -

Angles - Identify, measure, draw and name.
BBC KS3 Bitesize - (Angles)
BBC KS3 Bitesize - (Parallel Lines)
Angles and angle terms -
How do we measure angles?
Using a protractor
Parallel lines and pairs of Angles
Naming Angles -
Geometry 101 -
Measuring angles with a protractor (interactive)

Types of triangles -
Equilateral, Isoceles and Right angled triangles
More triangles -

Bridges of Konigsberg" -

Building bridges - use trianguar sections to construct a bridge.
Circus towers - create patterns using acrobats.
Congruent triangles.

VOICETHREAD: Name the triangle!

Classifying Triangles:

Student created video to show how to find a missing angle in a triangle:

Proof that angles in a triangle add to 180 degrees:

Student created video to show how to caculate the area of a triangle: