Collecting Data

Go to : to complete a class survey.
We will compile the data and create some visualisations such as pie charts, bar graphs and column graphs.

Interpreting Data

Mean (average), median (middle score), mode (most frequest score) and range (difference between maximum and minimum)

We shall also be participating in a collaborative project with schools from around the world at Maths Connections. Go to this wiki page (you may need to apply to registerand wait for an organizer to approve you) and make a comment on one of the student pages that we have been paired with.

Bio Graphs - interpret growth data of four different organisms:
Mean, median and mode - bat wings data:
Match the matches - interpret graphs from data about soccer teams:
You Tell the Story - move a man in a paddock with a sheep to create graphs:
Real Statisitcs - how students travel to school:

Data about making chocolcate from University of Melbourne:

Statistics from the Olympics -Men's 100 m sprint results -

Presenting Data - Graphs and Charts

Ali and Baba and six thieves problem -

Exploring Graphs -

Data handler -

Creating box plots and column charts -