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The theme for 2010 is "Staying Safe in the 21st Century"
Term 1:
Water safety - P-5 swimming in term 1 - 'kids teaching kids' in the primary school about safety at the pool and the beach
Fire safety - Guest speakers from CFA, junior CFA volunteers (Hawkesdale has a 9/10 CFA elective)
Laboratory safety - "How do scientists stay safe in the laboratory?"
Term 2:
Cyber safety - Ann Mirtschin at Hawkesdale has excellent resources for this unit
First Aid - Bandaging, introduction to CPR, role-play scenarios.
Term 3:
Farm safety - Guest speaker from Macarthur Community Health
Term 4:
Natural Disasters -

First Day of School 2010

An article by Sophia Russell listing 7 tips for the first day about getting to know students -

On the first day of school parents get the homework instead of their children - "Tell us about your child in a million words or less......"

Thirteen 'getting to know you' activities for the first day of school -

From Harry and Rosemary Wong at
""The seven things students want to know on the first day of school:

1.Am I in the right room?
2.Where am I supposed to sit?
3.What will I be doing this year?
4.How will I be graded? (here are some grading resources)
5.What are the rules in this classroom?
6.Will the teacher treat me as a human being?
7.Who is the teacher as a person? (here's an idea)""

For these questions discussed in more detail go to: