The Apple Education site has a list of some of the best science education apps (free and paid) at

Podcasts and Vodcasts

Science Made Fun from iTunes - about 50 episodes (7/2010) by Colin and the Science made Fun Team - "Acids and Alkalis" "Properties of water"
Bytesize Science from iTunes - about 70 episodes (7/2010) of experiments such as "Chemistry of Fireworks"

General Science Apps

Laboratory Timer free app for counting up and counting down with an alarm
Convert - the unit calculator for converting between at least 15 types of measurement (mass, angles, length....)
Experience Maths and Science with Gizmos - 450 on-line interactive simulations for year 3 to 12.
Apple document with lists of Maths and Science apps.
"Science glossary" for definitions.
'Brain POP Featured" with quizzes

Biology Apps

  • Human calculator – add your birth date and time and find out how many breaths, heart beats, how much food eaten, urine produced and much more…….
  • Biology core – glossary with biological definitions
  • A blog post about biotecnology from a serious scientist who regularly revies science apps
  • Speed Anatomy Lite - Find different body organs

Chemistry Apps

  • Periodic table – beautiful images and information about of all the chemical elements
  • "The Chemical Touch (99c) - Lite edition (free) - periodic table with amino acids and chemical structure.
  • "Periodic Table Explorer" physical properties, isotopes, compounds, atomic mass etc.

Earth Science Apps

Environmental Science Apps

  • CO2 footprint – a greenhouse gas calculator

Physics Apps

Quizzes for Science

Space Science Apps

  • 8Planets – animations, information and quiz about our solar system
  • Planets by Q continium - A 3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers.
  • Grand Tour 3D - Space travel on a budget
  • Planet facts - size and distance scale and dictionary
  • NASA app including images, videos, information about launches, when you can sight, orbit trackers and countdown clocks.
  • Stars by Nelix displaying 88 constellations - does not use network.
  • Star Walk ($2.99) 5 stars astronomy guide
  • Space Images by NASA - You can rate, email and save images.